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High Speed Thread Bobbin Winders

thread winding machine

  • Model No: AW-100
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Drum traverse system.
(1) The precise slit drum guide the thread to wind up, no nap happened.
(2) High speed, low noise, soilless in wind areas.
(3) Winding speed controlled by inverter and rack pinion, spindle speed variable and gradually reduce synchronized while the diameter is increasing to ensure the constant yarn deliver speed.
(4) Positive cone supported at both ends, vibration free rotation.
2. Automatic bobbin magazine device.
(1) Standard tube type magazine for 30 pcs empty cones, easy to put on and save time.
(2) Large capacity bobbin magazine for 80-100 pcs cones on request. (optional)
(3) The non-bobbin detector, automatically stop the spindle when the bobbin empty.
3. Automatic tension control system.
(1) Electric tension with rack pinion controlled, the tension are synchronized to reduce gradually while the package make up increasing to ensure the smooth of surface and square shoulder edges.
(2) Tension weight are adjustable to set up by step, simple and easy.
4. Circulating lubricant system.
(1) The percentage of lubricant are easily to set up and adjustable.
(2) Auto circulating lubricant and filtered the floss.
(3) Double filters design, easy to clean and remove the floss.
(4) Maintain constant yarn delivery and ensure the uniform lubricant application.
5. Density adjusting device.
6. Thread tension.
7. Yarn broke stop motion sensor: with yarn broke stop motion detective sensor to stop the spindle running when yarn broke.
8. Suitable for sewing thread winding and available from 20/6 to 60/2.

Specification :

1. No. of spindle: 4sp. 2. Package conicity: 2。20’ 3。30’ 5。57’. 3. Max. wound up dia.: 5" or 127mm. 4. Spindle speed: Max. 10000 rpm. (1600m/min). 5. Normal running speed: 8000 rpm. (1000~1200m/min) . 6. Available traverse: 4" 5" 6". 7. Capacity: 138lbs/4sp/8hours for 40/2. 8. Air compressor need: 5 bars. 9. Power required: 1/2HP x 4 for 4 spindles. 10. Weight (4sp.): NW: 1000KGS. GW: 1200KGS. 11. Available extra: (1) Llrge capacity bobbin magazine. (2) Heater elements. (3) Computer moritor.

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