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Metal Stamping Parts

metal stamping parts

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Detail Information

Description :

Metal stamping presses can perform a diverse range of operations such as blanking, piercing, forming and drawing as well as combinations of these processes. The process involves forming a piece of metal with a dedicated piece of tooling and stamping the piece through a mechanical press. During the metal stamping operation, the upper die is attached to the ram and the lower die is attached to the stationary bolster. As the press is activated, the ram moves vertically towards the bolster to form the piece of metal over the lower die.

Ever Famous Company and our group of manufacturers offer the synergistic ability of being able to combine the necessary metal stamping processes with other in-house capabilities such as deep drawing, welding, and machining to meet your metal forming requirements. We have more than 30 years in metal forming experience, and have used our metal stamping technology for a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, plastics, lighting, pharmaceuticals, dairy, etc.

Specification :

Tooling is custom made to your part specifications. We have engineers on staff with metal stamping expertise to help guide you on designing a custom part and choose the optimal process to produce high quality stamped parts at a competitive and affordable price. If you need assistance in designing a metal stamping process for a custom part, please give us a call today for prompt, courteous, professional service. We can assure you the finest quality job for any metal stamping process.

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