Te Fu Li Riveting Machine Co., Ltd.

Remarkable Riveting Machines, Impact Machine, Air And Oil Pressure Machines.

No. 17-3, Jiahua Rd., Gangshan Dist., Kaohsiung City 820104, Taiwan

Company Introduction

The remarkable riveting machine Te Fu Li Riveting Machine Co., Ltd. has been making since 1968 are based on our many years of experiences and continuous developing and researching. From traditional impact machine to air and oil Pressure machines are fully made by our professional technology and enthusiastic service. Our spirits are safety and reliability that make these mechanical products that you can rely on. Products features include operated manually or automatically. The heights of the unit structure can be adjusted by a mechanical adjusting device. Rotating type rivet-mold changing, very simple. Many kinds of rivet molds are available for different riveting. No experienced technicians can operate the unit. Te Fu Li has gained good reputation in this field since then. Top quality at competitive price, prompt delivery, and the best service are our priority. Welcome to visit our website or contact us any time for more detail.

Main Products

Manufacturer of rivet machine, rivet machines assembly, assembly blind rivet machinery, hydraulic & pneumatic riveting machinery, idle & oil pressure presses, grinding components and riveted joint machineries, rivet pressing press, automated combination machine, semi automatic riveted jig module designs, single function riveted joint machines, automation positioning riveting, molds designs, designers & makings, jig and fixtures, TE FU LI rivet machines, air hydraulic riveters, etc.