Taiwan Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction

Taiwan Asahi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1967 and is a pioneer in the manufacturing of diamond and CBN grinding wheels, cutting, sawing and turning tools in Taiwan. We cooperate with the largest diamond tool manufacturer in Japan, Asahi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd and introduce new manufacturing technology from abroad. The products we manufactured have expanded from the initial "Diamond Core Bits" used in the construction of dams to thousands of different types of diamond tools. Our main products include diamond grinding wheels, precision cutting wheels, diamond circular saws, carbide saw blades for wood cutting, PCD multi-edged blades, etc. We continue to develop new products to meet the production needs of local and foreign companies. Upholding our philosophy of "a workman must first sharpen his tool if he wants to do his work well", we cooperate with the government in their efforts to raise the technological standards of precision industry in the country actively and accelerate improvement of industrial structure. We make every endeavor possible in the promotion of industry upgrade. Many industries need diamond tools for grinding, cutting, trimming, drawing, drilling, molding, pruning and measuring uses from traditional to high-tech industries. Star industries such as semiconductor, image display, digital content, optical, biotechnological and medical industry rely on diamond tools in their various manufacturing processes. As such, the diamond tools manufactured by Taiwan Asahi Diamond Industrial will enter the phase of high precision and high growth following technological advancements. Facing rapid changes in the business environment, globalization and intense market competition, we aim to devote our efforts in achieving a complete business organization with high productivity rate and sales, outstanding talent, ongoing research and development and strong financial support. We hope to become the leader in our industry. In pursuing our goal of "creating high quality products as our competitive edge" and "satisfying customers' needs", our company positioning has transformed from a manufacturer to a service provider. We consider ourselves as a "manufacturing service provider". We devote our resources towards customer-oriented objectives. Only by satisfying our customers' greatest needs can we grow and prosper further to continue our business. We will motivate ourselves with our philosophy of "innovation, speed, service and profits".

Main Products

industry ( industrial) diamond tools supply ( supplies)- diamond blades & tools, CBN grinding wheels, cutting wheels, sawing & turning tools, diamond dresses, bites, PCD multi edged ( multi-edged) blades, diamond circular saws, carbide tipped saw blades for wood cutting, diamond core bits, diamond scribers, electroplated tools, diamond polishing, diamond wire saws & drillers ( drilling), diamond wire drawing dies, Diamond powder, PCD ( Polycrystalline Diamond) and PCBN ( Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride) blanks.