Ningbo Yongxin Optics Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Digital Stereo Microscope.


Company Introduction

Ningbo Yongxin Optics Co., Ltd. (NOVEL) is a professional China-based manufacturer of microscopes, as well as various optical elements and parts, such as optics prisms and lenses. With more than forty years of accumulated experience in optical designs and manufacturing, we have professional technical and management teams for product development and technical research. NOVEL provides professional and efficient optical solutions for our customers worldwide. Located in the beautiful port city of Ningbo, which is on the coast of East China Sea, the company covers an area of 33,000 square meters. It has close to one thousand staff. NOVEL specializes in manufacturing precision instruments, with core competencies in precision optical processing, precision mechanical processing and precision assembling technology. With over a decade of experience serving and supporting large international companies, we have the capability to analyze and understand our customers’ needs. NOVEL has the world’s most advanced production and testing equipments. It has also established a number of R&D Centers in a few prestigious domestic universities. In 2008, NOVEL was once again evaluated as a national-level high tech enterprise.

Main Products

(1) optical microscope and related accessories- biological microscopes, inverted fluorescent microscope, motorized autofocus microscope, polarizing microscopes, portable measuring microscope, comparison microscopes, digital stereo microscopes, industery microscopes, metallurgical microscopes, stereomicroscope ( stereo microscope), eyepieces, viewing heads, mechanical stage, condensers, objectives, cold light illuminations, annular illuminator, attachments. (2) optics components- spherical lenses, UV-IR/IR-CUT/UV Filters, multi-layers coated filters, block filter, dichroic filter, various prisms, tempered windows, window glass, cover glass lens, particularly lenses. (3) precision mechanical parts- chromium coatings, drilling parts, spacer rings. (4) instrumentation.