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Company Introduction

Established at Taoyuan in August 1973, Compeq Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was the first specialized printed-circuit board manufacturing company in Taiwan to support the government’s policy in developing the high-tech industry. Beginning with producing single-sided and doubled-sided printed circuit boards, and progressing by persistent dedication to technology research and development, Compeq then started mass production of 6-layer printed circuit boards for computers in 1983, leading Taiwan PCB industry into the new stage for multi-layer board production. Since the foundation, we have been focusing on PCB industry as our core business. To meet the production condition requirement for advanced high precision products, Compeq set up an advanced plant with class 1000 clean room in the Tayuan industrial park, Taiwan in 1998 as the development and production base. Furthermore, Compeq set up Compeq Technology (Huizhou) Co. Ltd., and Compeq Manufacturing ( Suzhou ) Co. Ltd., in 2004, supplying flex PCB and small quantity part assembly services to provide total solution for our clients. Moreover, to successfully capture the market opportunities and fulfill consumers’ needs under the rapid diversification of electronics products and advancement of technologies, Compeq accordingly adjusted the product matrix and operation strategies. Currently, the appliances for our printed circuit boards include computer (notebook, server and peripheral, etc), telecommunication (cellular phone, base station, etc), network (switch, router, storage device, etc) and consumer electronics (PDA, LCD, Game Console, DSC, etc) products. In the meantime, we integrate cross-national production facilities, service offices, and enterprise supporting resource to strengthen flexibility and competitiveness for providing customer an integral service from product development to after service. Having been a pioneer for environmental protection in this industry, we took the initiative to invest in building a professional PCB wastewater treatment plant in 1991 and received ISO-14001 certification in 1997. we also successfully developed lead-free and halogen-free applications for circuit board products to meet the global standard of environmental protection and our clients’ green partner. In the future, we'll keep our promises as a global citizen and continue sharing the responsibilities in environmental protection. Please feel ferr to contact us if you have any questions. We will do our best to reply ASAP

Main Products

Printed Circuit Board、CSP、Mini-BGA及FC-PGA、FC-BGA for telecommunications、cellar phone、base station、network equipment、desktop、notebook、server、electronic products、IC packaging