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Company Introduction :

YANTAI ROSEYA HEALTH PRODUCTS CO., LTD. locates in the APEC industrial area of the beautiful city –Yantai China. Yantai is one of Chinese open seaside cities with the several advantages of the superiority geography, the convenient information and traffic, the abundance energy sources and products.
The main products of company are health foods, health appliance and health toiletry and plant extracts.
The whole factory is designed and built according to the standard of ISO 14000, ISO9001 and the GMP, the requirement of international market and institution. Both hardware and software of the company are on the top level in China. The company have and will devote herself to the health of the human beings as the expert of the Dr. Health.

Main Products :

BOS, molecular formula GF13,is a crude, functionality low fructosan, belong to Inulin, extracted from the plant. Its molecule structure, molecular weight and function definitude and is an exclusive polymerization degree (DP) and the most bio-active inducement Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) in the world by now.( There are no evidence proved that the FOS whose DP less than 8 have bio-active inducement function. But the FOS’s DP is only 3-8 that sold in the market). This production has no any pollution itself and during the manufacture process, is a green, crude high-tech biology produce. BOS has the leader art, can be used widely, employed conveniently and with cheap rice .In function, BOS could edge out oligochitosan (chitooligosaccharace). The kernel technology has own the patent. After science searches, this research is pioneer in China and has the lead level in the world.
This item is the “863 Plan” of China, the principal Dr. Kaoshan Chen is a professor and the mentor of doctor of Shandong university, original the researcher of the first ocean graduate school of national ocean bureau; the director of bio-active matter emphasis lab of national ocean bureau; presided three “863 Plan” of China items.

Studies of BOS show the functions as flowing:
1 To tone up the immunity, anti-fatigue;
2 Used to purify the blood, lower blood fat, sugar and cholesterin;
3 To multiplication Bifidobacterium of inner intestines, adjust stomach intestines functions;
4 prevention and cure diabetes;
5 protect liver;
6 activation cell, restrain the cell aging, stave caducity;
7 ameliorate acidity constitution
activation cell, restrain germ, keep skin moisture
1、 inducement plant turn on the immunity system, improve the ability of immunity; let elongate the cell wall ,advance plant growth; incrassation the cell wall, resist skew;
2、 increase chlorophyll content obviously, improve photosynthesis, plant growing bloom, increase the output and quality.
3、 inducement plant establish several recovery enzyme and anti-oxidation enzyme system, improve the ability of resisting disease of plant;
4、 create a good soil microorganism environment;
5、 the seed that had been mixed planting, dipped, could improve germinate rate, and come up early, complete and able-bodied.
As the fish and shrimp bait additive, could tone up the immunity, improve the output.
As feed additive, is the natural antibiotic and benefit grow material.

White or like-white or buff powder

Other Information :

Business Nature : Manufacturer, Trader, 家用医疗器械
Company Capital : USD 0 ~ 1,000,000
Annual Revenue : USD 0 ~ 1,000,000
President : Mr. FENG ZHANG
No. of Total Staff : 1 ~ 50
Current Export Markets : East Europe , South East Asia , China
Brand Names : 罗西亚
Trade Term : FOB
Shipment : Sea
Currency : USD
Negotiable : Negotiable

Yantai Roseya Health Products Co., Ltd.

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