Tianjin Opulent Beauty & Hairdressing Equipment Factory

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Tianjin Opulent Beauty & Hairdressing Equipment Facory is a leading supplier of high-grade barber chairs and related products. We have provided high grade barbare chair TR series, shampoo system CF series, Hydraulic barber chairs, and other beauty salon equipment. Our fully equipped research, engineering and manufacturing facility is located at XiQing industrial park, Tianjin, China. Established in 1983, the factory is a privately owned corporation dedicated to excellence in manufacuring Beauty & hairdressing equipment. Tianjin Opulent's track record of success around the world is made possible by a team of dedicated employees committed to the company's success. Our customers' satisfaction is a result of our competent managers, knowledgeable engineers, skilled workers and courteous customer service. When doing business with us, expect quality, innovation and cutting-edge technology. Our robustly engineered equipment is designed to meet each client's unique requirements. Our world class R&D brings to the market some of the most advanced technologies available. Count on Tianjin Opulent for complete Beauty & Hairdressing equipments.

Main Products

beauty salon equipments- high grade barbare chair TR series, hairdressing salon stools, hair styling chair, shampoo system CF series, hydraulic barber chairs, and other salon equipment.