Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery was founded in 1966 and has accumulated rich experience in our business scope through 40 years development. Now Wuxi Lima has become a well-known special enterprise in petrochemical machinery industry. We mainly produce heat exchanger, evaporators, packing machines, bagging and palletizing line, pressure vessels, evaporation disillation, packing machines, etc. Currently, Wuxi Lima won the good reputation both in domestic and abroad market by insisting the philosophy such as "Advanced technology and excellent quality" "customer first" and "Promote customer to be successful". The three core products of Wuxi Lima have exported to overseas markets. Thin film evaporator exported to USA and Singapore, bagging machine exported to Russia, PP reactor exported to Sudan. It is not hard for one enterprise to obtain fast development and success in a certain short period in sever market competition, but it is really not easy to keep sustainable development and become a healthy, active and stable enterprise in a long period. Facing to the challenge of comprehensive competition in China, Wuxi Lima has reset our business strategy. Based on the “Lima” trademark and pressure vessel fabrication, Wuxi Lima will devote itself to develop the fabrication technology of pressure vessel and bagging machine by keeping up with the science development tendency and moving forward to high-tech filed. Wuxi Lima provides an environment to help our employees to show their talent &develop their potential with team spirit to reach the target both of enterprise and employee by high efficiency cooperation.

Main Products

evaporators, heat exchanger, packing ( pack, package, packaging) machines, automatic bagging and palletizing line, palletizing machinery, electronic weighing scale, liquid weighing and filling equipment, granular materials filling scales, continuous materials distribution scale, auto-sealing quantitative electronic equipment, moveable bagging machine, stainless steel chain conveyors, screw type conveyor machines, pressure vessels, reactors, low temperature pressure vessel, evaporation disillation, towers, storage tanks ( containers), centrifugal discharge ( discharging) impeller filters, evaporation distillation.