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Color Printing Machines

color printing machine

  • Model No: LY-YAD-C
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Width of the greatest membrane: 850/1050/1250mm.
2. Maximum speed machines: 220m/min.
3. Maximum printing speed: 180m/min.
4、Diameter, length: Φ120-Φ280mm, 380-880mm.
5. Registration precision: ±0.10mm.
6. Volume largest volumes expected drive: 600mm.
7. Squeegee knife lateral movement of individual motor: 8mm.
8. Forms for mexico: roller ink supply, film block air pump, recycling ink supply.
9. Miniature power: 500KG full width.
10. Tension control: 2-30KG full width.
12. Volum paper core materials and fittings form: Φ76mm, Φ92mm.
13. Minimum pressure gas source: 0.6MPa.
14. Minimum water pressure: 0.2MPa.

Specification :

1. General motors power: 78KW. 2. overall dimension(mm): 18000(L) x 4800(W) x 3300(H). 3. Weight machines: 45T.

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