Chang Chun Bo Xin Photoelectric Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Chang Chun Bo Xin Photoelectric Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer company of optical products for the industrial, medical, scientific, instrumentation, military, and mechanical equipments, as well as strategic partner from product outsourcing to contract manufacturing for high precision optical glass, optical component, crystals, prism and related products. We focus on the research and development of optical components, as well as manufacturing and selling them with low price. Our products have been sold to many countries such as US, Canada, Europe Union and other developed countries as well as developing countries. We have gained good reputation in the world. Bo Xin has established a broad product portfolio, vertically integrated manufacturing facilities and multiple technology platforms for a Total Cost-down Solution from Custom Design, Pilot Production to Volume Manufacturing. Our company offers you a very wide range of optical lenses, including spherical lenses, cylindrical lenses, aspherical lenses, windows, prisms, crystal, mirrors and high precision optical samples etc. and we specilize in undertake manufacture, custom design optical components. The steady growth of company in recent years has enabled us to meet our customers’ diversified requirements. We consist of an excellent team, with ability of management, international marketing, to the quality control of engineering. Our slogan is "Quality First, Custom First". We have gained a good reputations in the world and promotes greater developments in accordance with ISO9001 Management System, Bo Xin will deliver products & services with high quality to maximize customer satisfaction through manufacturing excellence, as well as continual improvement.

Main Products

optical components- (1) optical lenses- achromatic lens, double-concave lens, double-convex lenses, meniscus lens, plano-concave lens, plano-convex lens, paraboloid aspheric lens, elliptical aspheric lenses. (2) optics prism series- penta prisms, dove prisms, roof prisms, right angle prisms, wedge prisms. (3) cylindrical lens- Plano-Convex Squareness Cylindrical Lens, Plano-convex circular cylindrical lenses, plano-concave squareness cylindrical lenses, plano-concave circular cylindrical lenses, meniscus cylindrical lenses. (4) mirrors- dielectric HR mirrors, hot & cold mirror, metal coated mirrors. (5) optic windows- high precision windows, sapphire window, calcium fluoride windows. (6) beamsplitters- beamsplitter cube & plate, polarization beamsplitter cube. (7) waveplates- zero order waveplate, true zero order waveplate, polarization rotators, achromatic waveplate. (8) filters- interference filter, color glass bandpass filters, neutral density filter (absorptive), neutral density filter (reflective). (9) coating- antireflective coating (AR), partial reflective coating (PR), metallic high reflective coating(MHR), dielectric high reflective coating (DHR).