Foctek Photonics, Inc.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Foctek Photonics, Inc. is founded on Nov. 18 2001 as a professional manufacturer of optical and crystal components. Our products include high precision prism, optics lens, spheric lenses, optical filter, window, beamsplitter, mirror, quartz waveplate, polarizer, depolarizer, polarization Beamsplitter, micro optics, laser crystals and NLO crystals and Magneto-optical material, optical assemblies, etc. Foctek currently owns 3500-sqm-factory area. A new 13000-sqm-factory area with 17000-sqm-building area is under construction. Foctek is equipped with advanced production and inspection facilities. Fabricating machines include CNC Plano Milling, High speed Polishing, Precision Polishing, CNC Grinding and Polishing, Ultrasonic Cleaner, etc.. And, inspection instruments include Trioptics Lens Measurement system, AK-40 Digital Interferometer, Trioptics PrismMaster 0.5” Prism Measurement System, Lambda900 Spectrophotometer, 3D Digital Profile Measuring System, etc.. These advanced facilities ensure the big production capacity and high quality for OEM and Custom-Made Products. Our optical components are mainly exported to North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, etc. Foctek is keeping itself enterprising and developing. We cooperate with local university and research center, such as Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou University, Fujian Optical research Institute and so on. In July 2007,Foctek and Fujian Normal Universtity contracted to become the Practice Base for students of O-E department, further, both contracted to Co-Establish the Laboratory of Optical Technology. The cooperation enhances our Engineering and R&D capabilities. Foctek was awarded the “Hi-tech Enterprise” by Fujian province. Our “Broadband DUV Polarizer” was approved the Chinese Invention Patent and also supported by the Chinese Government as the “National Innovation Project”. With advanced management system ERP and QA system, Foctek is ISO 9001: 2000 certified by SGS since Jan. 2004. Foctek commit our customers with Quality Products, Competitive Price, On-time Delivery and 100% Customer Satisfaction. Foctek focuses on producing high precision optical components, Improving Customers’ Satisfaction, and Maximizing Value of optics to Customers.

Main Products

optical filters, optical components, crystal components, micro optics, optical windows, penta prisms, right angle prisms, roof prisms, dove prism, corner cubes (retro reflector), glan taylor polarizers, glan laser polarizers, glan thompson polarizers, wollaston polarizers, rochon polarizers, quartz waveplates, polarization rotators, beam splitters, polarization beamsplitter cubes, spherical lens, cylindrical lens, filters.