Shanghai Light-Catcher Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Light-Catcher Co., Ltd. is a high-tech trading and technical service company that is specialized in representing established overseas photonics companies and distributing their products in China. Our current suppliers include many well-known photonics companies from the U.S, Canada ,UK and Germany. Light-Catcher carries products that cover fields such as lamps, photodiode,avanlance photodiode,laser diode, ccd & cmos ,cameras, optics, electronics... and can be widely used in research, education, product development and volume production.We are the experienced group who is the General agent of Silicon Sensor GmBH ,Laser components GmBH, WelchAllyn Lighting,FairChild imaging, EPIGAP, Laser diode concept... in China we are focusing on industrial and medical OEM market for many years. Our customers include Analytical instrument( blood ,gas, water…), handheld illuminator, laser range finder, laser alignment , medical instrument(endoscope, CT, patient monitor….), industrial control, Military( Guidance system, targeting….) etc. Backed up by our prominent suppliers and superior technical support, Light-Catcher is focusing on providing the world-class products and services to our customers. We are eager to work with you and explore the rapidly growing Chinese photonics market. Together we can contribute more to the growth of the photonics industry in China and worldwide.

Main Products

photonics- solarc & HID lamp, halogen lamps, light model and boxes, infrared LEDs, visible Led, ultraviolet Led, infrared chips, optical fiber coupled, laser diode, laser diode modules, receivers, photoconductors, 2 color detectors, protect windows, output couplers, beam splitters, laser mirrors, wavelength stabilizers.