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Digital Conference Systems

digital conference systems

  • Model No: HS-8100
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Main unit connect to conference unit, digital control, power supply and voice signal sent by one cable.
2. Work without computer or with computer combined with software and other external connecting equipment to operated together.
3. Support: open mode, FIFO mode, limit mode.
4. System has the effect of high quality voice channels.
5. Combined with software and other equipment can have following function:
(1) Open or auto.
(2) FIFO or override.
(3) C. only.
(4) Limit.
6. Choosing simultaneous speaking number 1-9.
7. Build-in video interface, connect to the photography positioning tracking CPU to manage the speaking positioning tracking function.
8. Built-in voting electing interface, connect voting CPU and configure voting software can manage vote, elect, audience response.
9. LCD screen, 122 x 32 lattice can reveal conference mode, with function button, knob for adjusting and setting use.
10. With four main cable terminal can connect over 60 groups conference single unit.
11. With 3 group audio signal output terminal, can connect external equipment or audio equipment.
12. Frequency response: 100-18KHz.
13. Power consumption: 115W, adopted AC220V.
14. Installed in 19 inch standard frame.
15. Standard: UL and CE certificate.

Specification :

1. Frequency response: 100-16000Hz. 2. Sensitivity: -42士2dB.

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