Taiwan Takisawa Technology Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of CNC Lathes.


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Initially a maker of engine lathes, Taiwan Takisawa has established its technical capabilities through cooperation with Takisawa Machinery Company of Japan. This joint effort has laid a solid foundation for the highly skilled professionals as Taiwan Takisawa, who have accumulated years of experience, and can apply world-class manufacturing expertise to achieve the superior product quality that has been acclaimed in the global market.

Taiwan Takisawa Machinery Co., Ltd. Is founded with an initial capital of NT$12 million. Receive Golden Dragon Award in machinery quality at the 1st National Machinery Competition.Authentication Symbol certified by National Bureau of Standards, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Taiwan Takisawa is specialised in manufacturing precision machine tools and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) drillers for domestic and international markets. In the machine tool line, there are small and medium CNC lathes and non­CNC high speed precision lathes. For PCB drillers, we provide 6-shaft and 7-shaft models. Taiwan Takisawa is also and OEM partner for all types of lathes that it builds for Japanese companies. Major customers for our CNC lathes are the bicycle, motorcycle and automobile industries, as well as parts processing plants supplying the aeronautic industry. For years, the precision and stability of our products have been highly acclaimed by various industries, leading to a 15% market share in Taiwan.

Taiwan Takisawa is proactive to expand sales channels around the world. We collaborate with partners in every single state. Our global agents are distributed in Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South Americas.

To fulfill customers' needs, Taiwan Takisawa establishes Application Center. This center is in charge of demand planning, training and customization. Through technology exchange, Application Center has affirmed customers' loyalty all around the world. This is a key factor why Taiwan Takisawa plays an important role in this field.

Taiwan Takisawa not only reinforces herself with speed, quality, technology, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, but also concentrates on the developments R&D crew. We are keen to secure the advantages of top-notch technology.

In the mean time, all key functionalities of machineries, e.g. multi-purpose, cutting edge trend, environmental friendly concept, etc. are all conducted onto our product portfolio step by step. Taiwan Takisawa manages to integrate the platform of worldwide logistics and make the most use of synergy of cooperation’s resources. Conveying cooperate culture, Sincerity, Smile and Speed, Taiwan Takisawa is proud of delivering true values to our customers.

Main Products

machinery ( machineries) equipments & tools- PCB (Printed Circuit Board) drilling machines, CNC lathes, vertical CNC lathe machines, high speed automatic lathe, multiple axes ( axis) turning lathe, twin turret and twin spindle turning center, extra heavy duty CNC lathes, precision milling and turning machine tools, digital high speed meticulous drilling machines.