Tang Eng Iron Works Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Stainless Steels.


Company Introduction

Tang Eng Iron Works Co., Ltd. Stainless Steel Plant is the first integrated stainless steel plant in Taiwan. Tang Eng has been a specialized producer of stainless steel. We use electric furnaces and AOD converters to produce top-quality stainless steel, including AISI 300 and 400 grades of steel billet, as well as hot and cold rolled steel coil.
Our annual capacity is 260,000 tons. To ensure the best quality of our products, a stringent quality control system has been running in our company. We invited experts from foreign partners and as well sent our personnel abroad for further study. The quality of our steel products has reached international standards and obtained the CNS certificates granted by the National Bureau of Standards. Apart from the sale to domestic users and industries, we also export our steel to Southeast Asia, China, Australia, Japan, and the US, etc.

Main Products

industrial materials- stainless steels, cold rolled steel coils.