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Walk Through Metal Detectors

walk through metal detectors

  • Model No: JH-1
  • Factory Location: China
  • Minimum Order: 5
  • Sample Request: No
  • Certification: ISO,CE
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Function and characteristics

1. Six detecting areas: Allocation of six mutual over-lapping detecting areas, adopt the advanced digital pulse technology, both side of the gate can transmit and receiving the signal ,can eliminate the false alarm areas and accurately determine the location of the metal objects.

2. Indication of the alarming areas: The monitor can accurately indicate the prohibited articles which are hidden at the places of human body with corresponding height. The alarming areas can be indicated by the column lamps at the right side of operation panel .

3. Adjustable area sensibility: With the highest sensibility, it can detect the metal article as small as one coin. With the range of 0-99, it can automatically adjust the sensibility, according the weight, volume, and location of the metal parts and eliminate the false alarming for the coin, key, jewelry, leather belt buckle, etc.

4. High capability of anti-interference: The adoption of digital, analogy and left and right balanced technology can prevent false or omitted alarming, which greatly enhance the capability of anti-interference.

5. Protection with password: The protection from the password can only allow the authorized person for the operations. It is highly safe.

Functions of statistic counting: The intelligent counter can calculate the number of the passenger flow and the times of alarming.

7. Harmless to human body: Adopt the technology of low electromagnetic to transmit, the product is harmless to heartbeat of human body, pregnant women, magnetic software, tapes and video recording tapes.

8. Power safety: The power device for the product is installed at the top of the main unit. The power supply can be controlled by the operation panel.

9. Convenience in installation: JH series products adopt integration design. It only takes twenty minutes to install the gate. the User's Manual are attached with the product.

10. Application scope: It can be used in the factory, prison, court, exhibition hall, stadium, entertainment lieu, etc., where the prohibited articles need to be checked for safety.

Specification :

Technical specifications: Electric current: 90-240V Power: 35VA Outer frame: 2200mm(h)X790mm(w)X540mm(d) Inner frame: 2000mm(h)X700mm(w)X540mm(d) Net Weight: about 80kg work envionment: -20℃-+45℃ Standard: GB15210-2003

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