Taiwan Electric Voice Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Taiwan Electric Voice Co., Ltd. was established in1988. We are major in microphone production, sales and distributes throughout the world. By the simple communication between man and man; we believe that when somewhere in the earth occurs voices, there is an attractive market for "TEV" to step in. We also achieved the ISO-9002 International Quality Recognition and being one of the members in International Quality Guarantee Association. We always aim to perfection in quality and keep self-challenging as by improving our technique and skill from time to time. Our products do prove that what is good in quality and value for money. By the way, our latest development is to market and establish our latest product, the portable PA system which we'd spent nearly 3 years in R & D, and we have the design registered through the patent and trademark office in Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan, United States of America, and Germany. If you are interested in our product, please contact with us.

Main Products

Manufacturer of microphone & audio products- (1) wireless systems- portable PA systems, PA speakers, UHF ( VHF) systems, electronic amplification systems. (2) professional microphones, wireless microphones, dynamic microphones, wireless headphones, wired handheld microphones, karaoke microphone. (3) microphones accessories & parts- microphone cartridges, foam windscreen. (4) headset microphone.