Shenyang Academy of Instrumentation Science ( SAIS) .

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

We manufacture a broad array of standard and custom components, including narrowband filters, wideband filters, diachronic filters, beamsplitters, hot mirrors, cold mirrors, long wavepass filters, short wavepass filters, variable neutral density filters, ellipsoidal and paraboloidal reflectors, UV cold reflectors, aluminum reflectors. These components meet or exceed industry-established specifications. HB Optical has implemented and maintains a quality management system which fulfils the requirements of the standards ISO9001:2000 for the scope design and manufacture of optical filters and reflectors. Certification Number: 0204Q11082ROM.

Main Products

IR filters, infrared filters, precision optical filters & coatings, bandpass filters, neutral density filters, laser line filters, circular variable neutral density filters, NIR bandpass filters, VIS bandpass filters, UV bandpass filtersm focusing cold reflectors, UV cold light reflectors.