Hunan Hara XEMC Windpower Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction

Hunan Hara XEMC Windpower Co., Ltd. is specialized in MW class wind turbine manufacturing. We mainly engage in design, manufacture, sale and service of wind turbines, enjoys a capacity to deliver 1000 sets of MW wind turbines a year. XEMC possesses up-to-date technology of design and manufacture of direct drive wind turbine, first-class manufacturing equipment and excellent management team. We are a pioneer in large-sized wind turbines manufacturing industry in China. As early as in the mid of 1990's, XEMC undertook and finished R&D of 300kW, 600kW double-winding and double-speed asynchronous generator for wind turbine application and successfully developed the first 300KW and 600KW asynchronous generator in China which won technology advancement award of machinery industry. Entrusted by the National Standard Committee of Wind Turbine, XEMC compiled the national standard of Technical Specifications and Test Method for low speed PM Synchronous Generator of WTGS and General Technical Specifications and Test Method for Grid Type Asynchronous Generators, which had been promulgated. We have completed the self-development & research of large-sized wind turbine, which greatly make influence to the wind energy industry and takes the leading position in the same trade. Taking advantage of 70 years manufacturing experience of complete set of large electromechanical equipment of XEMC and consolidating comprehensive power of producing wind turbine components, such as generator, control equipment, large casting & forging, and structural parts, We display our unique performance in large-sized wind turbine equipment manufacturing industry and is highly supported by the state. We enjoy the ability of developing first-class products and self-innovation. Provided with a National Technology Centre authorized by the state, XEMC owns a number of first-class technical professionals and experts. Compared with traditional wind turbine, the direct drive wind turbine manufactured by XEMC owns distinct advantages of high efficiency, gearless, reliable system, easy maintenance, low noises and good quality of grid connection. Our product represents the developing trend of international wind turbine technology, and it is popularly installed in Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Japan, and Taiwan of China as well as Northern part and coastal area of China, which enjoy high evaluation from customers.

Main Products

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