Wang Pai Precision Enterprise Co., Ltd

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Company Introduction

. ISO 9001:2000-certified facilities
For precision manufacturing, Wang Pai's ISO 9001:2000- certified facilities are equipped with a full suite of CNC machines including the latest lathes and four- and five-axis milling and turning machines.

. Experienced manufacturer of aluminum and zinc die-cast parts
Wang Pai has been manufacturing aluminum and zinc die casting parts since 1985. These are widely used for a variety of industries with high quality and high precision requirements.

. Durable parts for different industries
Parts for automotive, electronics and military applications need to be as durable as possible. That's why Wang Pai's production focuses on vacuum die-casting - for greater mechanical strength, lower gas porosity and smoother surfaces than regular die-cast parts. Let us apply our two decades of experience to your OEM orders. For more information on our products, or to request samples, contact us today.

Main Products

Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting Parts for Automotive, Electronics and Military Applications.