Hui Peak Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd.

Leading manufacturer of Automotive Service and Maintenan Equipments in China


Company Introduction

Hui Peak Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd. (HPMM) is a leading manufacturer with over one decade's producing experience of Automotive Service and Maintenance Equipments in China. Our main products are including: Nitrogen Generator & Tire Inflator Machines, Fuel Injector Diagnosis & Cleaning Equipments,Lubrication Equipments (such as Oil Changer & Oil Drainers, Grease Dispensers, Oil Dispensers, Pneumatic Oil Pump, Pneumatic Grease Pumps and Automotive Free Dismantle Cleaning Machines), as well as Computerized Oil Supply System.HPMM is located in Guangzhou Taihe Yuanxia industry zone, which near the Guangzhou International Airport, with over 7000m2 brand-new and modern working plant, office and dormitory. As the leading and fastest growing manufacture, we have exported our products to more than 40 countries and areas during the last years.

Behind this success is a company's self-value showed with extremely good quality/price ratio and keep pursuing for the innovations.

We warmly welcome you come to visit our factory in Guangzhou, China!

Main Products

Automotive ( auto, automobile, cars, vehicle, trucks) Service and Maintenance Equipments-
(1) Pneumatic Oil Extractor: Pneumatic Waste Oil Extractors, Electric Waste Oil Extractor, Mobile Pressure Sprayer.
(2) Air-Powered Oil Filled Machines: Pneumatic Oil Filled Machine, Electic Oil Filled Machinery.
(3) Pneumatic Grease Filled Machine
(4) Oil Pump/Grease Pumps: Electronic Flow Meter, Pump.
(5) Free Dismantle Cleaning Machines
(6) Computerized Oil Supply System
(7) Fuel Injector Diagnosis & Cleaning Equipment
(8) Hose-Reel: Industrial Hose Reel Low Pressure - Air, Industrial Hose Reel Medium Pressure - Oil, Industrial Hose Reel High Pressure - Grease, Industrial Hose Reels, Hand Crank Hose Reel
(9) Full Automatic Tire Inflator