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Company Introduction

Jacob Iron Works was established since 1971 and producing the professional clamping vices for over 30 years. We are always improving and innovating vices with better function and better quality. This making our vices (made in Taiwan!) are still selling to many countries, like: USA (Sears, W.W.Graniger, SPI), Japan (Nakayama), Europe (ToolEg), Korea, Middle and South America. From 1988, Jacob Iron Works started to import accurate measuring granite products, air-spring isolator for machine use and to act as an Asia Zone agent for German Meska Co. (DIN) and U.S.A. Precision Co. (Fed. Spec.GGG-P-463C). Also, developing the business of granite based for machines and combination granites for double column machines is now one of our products (serving in custom made with international spec, quality). Our customers are most from the industries of 3C, Optoelectronic and semi- conduct.

Main Products

Jig and fixtures supplied by Jacob are including precision vises, granite platform, measurement instruments which seld to many countries as well, such as USA (Sears, W.W.Graniger, SPI), Japan (Nakayama), Europe (ToolEg), Korea, Middle and South America, etc.

Products including: Drill Press Vises, Cross Slide Drill Press Vise, Pneumatic Isolator, Granite Measuring Instrument, Tetragonal Master, Cube Masters, Granite Surface Plates, Casting Measuring Instruments, Vee Blocks, Granite Machinery Base, etc.

Jacob provide a variety of work machine parts, machining parts required measurement equipment, as detailed below:
(1) Precision Vises: Drilling Machine, Milling Machine, Machine Tools, general gripping parts machining workshop.
(2) Granite Machinery Table: Photoelectric Industry, Manufacture, PCB, AOI, Detection Machine, High-precision machine tools.
(3) Granite Measurements: General goods seized parts measurements, OEM Factory, flat products or angle measurement requirements.
(4) Digitized Pneumatic Suspension System