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Company Information

Company Introduction :

ICAR is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical capacitors and systems in low and medium voltage. Established in 1946, it bases its reputation on 70 years of experience in research, design, development and production of high-performance capacitors, an area where we still maintain an undisputed leadership.

First company in the world, ICAR started developing capacitors in metallized polypropylene at the beginning of the 60s. Furthermore, from the beginning we also realized the importance of developing our own metallization systems in order to control the production process from the polypropylene film right to the completed capacitor and systems.

The 6 plants located throughout Europe, which are strongly integrated at a vertical level, allow us (something which is rather rare throughout the world) to directly control the entire production process of polypropylene capacitors: from raw material to finished product.

Main Products :

ICAR offers a full range of capacitors and systems for power factor correction, motors and lighting capacitors, DC and AC capacitors for power electronics applications, Induction heating capacitor, Energy storage capacitors, HV Surge Arrester Capacitors, voltage stabilizers, EMI Filters and active filters. We produce metallized polypropylene capacitors with high gradient and we are among the few manufacturers in the world able to offer capacitors made with the robust technology "paper and oil." We have also consolidated know-how in energy storage and rapid discharge capacitors. We produce in our plants Power factor Correction banks and systems in LV and MV.

Other Information :

Business Nature : Manufacturer, Exporter
Year Established : 1946
Company Capital : N/A
Annual Revenue : N/A
President : Mr. ICAR
No. of Total Staff : 1 ~ 50
Current Export Markets : Worldwide
Shipment : Sea
Currency : USD
Negotiable : Non-negotiable


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