Taiwan Automatic Sanitary Products Manufacturer


Company Introduction

Since 1976, Hydrotek has been pioneering in developing Automatic sensor technology and commercialization in kitchenware and lavatory products. In 1980, Hydrotek was awarded its first patent for ultra-sonic automatic/ manual sink device, and then the company was established in 1985. Later on, it integrated successfully infrared sensors with faucets, flush valves and showers. To date, Hydrotek have built deep foundation of R&D ability for the knowledge and experiences accumulated through these products' R & D process.

To pursue for stable quality, upgrade technology, Hydrotek has been continuously, constantly invested in R&D. The ultimate vision is to use the innovative product which integrates water, electricity, photoelectricity , electromechanical, and material to bring life more convenient, comfortable, environment protective, sanitary, water saving and no barrier space, to be a necessity of high quality life.

While being meticulous with goodwill and service, Hydrotek hopes to assure buyers with guarantee. Based on the corporate conscience, the commitment and responsibility on quality, we would like to understand more about the customers with brand channels and users' physical experiences, and then to manufacture a product which is responsible for customers, suitable for various world environments.

Information Management fully computerized has always been the driving force of Hydrotek service customers. Such as: the induction of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, the buildup of a KM (Knowledge Management) system, and the completion of R&D management, PDM (Product Data Management) system… etc., to achieve the purpose of fast service through Electronic technology.

Hydrotek's future is to build a green business model, develop sustainable business value. On one side, integrating and upgrading the green core capabilities, including: developing green key technologies, innovating green products, complying with local and international related environment protective laws and regulations …etc. And furthermore, to fulfill corporate social responsibility, shaped green benchmarking business. To the ultimate aim is to create green supply networks, upgrade sustainable competitiveness.

Main Products

automatic sanitary products- Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucets, Sensor Faucets, Battery Powered Deck Mounted Non-Mixing Faucet, Retrofit Kit Solar Closet, Wall Mount Gooseneck, Sensor Flush Valve and related electronic components.