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SUS304 Thin and Fine Stainless Steel Tube, Capillary Tube, Probe.


Stainless Steel Tubes

stainless steel tube

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  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Accurately manufacturing stainless steel tubing in any size and specification.
2. All tubes can be made at every 0.01mm within the provided range.
3. We will customize to specification. Orders of any size and variety are welcome.

The major applications:
1. Medical instruments, antennas, light industry equipment.
2. Electronics, thermocouple, optical fiber coupling instruments.
3. siphons, pen tubes.

Specification :

1. Outer diameter: 0.8~14mm. 2. Wall thickness: 0.15~0.5mm. 3. Length: 2.5~3000mm 3. Tolerance upto: ±0.001mm.

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