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  • Model No: CR
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: Yes
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Introduction of CR: featuring consistency and stably-controlled, these carbon film resistors with reasonable prices are widely & largely used in the electronic, electrical and information industries.
This resistor is a ceramic bar tightly coated with a carbon film which is composed of carbon separated from organic compound through the treatment of high-temperature vacuum. After the carbon-coated bar is connected with proper joint and engraved with grooves, its surface is finished with epoxy resin so that the bar is enclosed with a protective film.

Specification :

1. Style: CR-12. (1) Dimension(mm): 3.2±0.2(L), 1.8±0.3(φD), 28±2(H), 0.43±0.02(φd). (2) Power rating (watt): 1/6W; 1/8W. (3) Value range: 1Ω~10M. 2. Style: CR-25 (1) Dimension(mm): 6.0±0.2(L), 2.3±0.3(φD), 28±2(H), 0.5±0.02(φd). (2) Power rating (watt): 1/4W. (3) Value range: 1Ω~10M. 3. Style: CR-50. (1) Dimension(mm): 9±0.5(L), 3.2±0.3(φD), 26±2(H), 0.6±0.02(φd). (2) Power rating (watt): 1/2W. (3) Value range: 1Ω~10M. 4. Style: CR-100. (1) Dimension(mm): 11.0±0.5(L), 4.5±0.5(φD), 35±2(H), 0.7±0.02(φd). (2) Power rating (watt): 1W. (3) Value range: 1Ω~10M. 5. Style: CR-200. (1) Dimension(mm): 15.0±0.5(L), 5.0±0.5(φD), 32±2(H), 0.8±0.02(φd). (2) Power rating (watt): 2W. (3) Value range: 1Ω~10M. 6. Style: CR-300. (1) Dimension(mm): 17.0±0.5(L), 6.0±0.5(φD), 32±2(H), 0.8±0.02(φd). (2) Power rating (watt): 3W. (3) Value range: 1Ω~10M.

Sample Information

Total Available Quantity :
300 pcs
Per Delivery Quantity :
300 pcs
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Delivery Time :
7 day(s)

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