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  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

PCMCIA cable, a cable to connect PCMCIA card of the notebook and other peripheral equipments, such as : PCMCIA CORD, MP3, Audio & Video System, MODEM CABLE, etc.

Specification :

There are 6 different types--- 4, 9, 15, 16, 20 and 26 positions-female (cable end). All of them are available in both molding and assembly type.


  • Modem card (Modem cables) 
    PCMCIA 4F  to  RJ11 plug. 
    PCMCIA 4F  to  USB A plug .
  • Lan Card (Lan cables)
    PCMCIA 9F  to  RJ45/USB A jack or plug 
    PCMCIA 15F  to  RJ45/USB A jack or plug 
    PCMCIA 26F  to  RJ45/USB A jack or plug
  • Data Card (Data cables) (Modem card + Lan card)
    PCMCIA 4F  to  RJ11 plug PCMCIA 4F  to  USB A plug 
    PCMCIA 9F, 15F, 26F  to  RJ45 jack 
    PCMCIA 9F, 15F, 26F  to  RJ45 plug 
    PCMCIA 9F, 15F, 26F  to  USB A jack 
    PCMCIA 9F, 15F, 26F  to  USB A plug
  • Cellular phone card (Cellular phone cord cables)
    PCMCIA 9F,15F, 26F  to  Cellular phone connector.

 For MP3 E-music download

    PCMCIA 15F,20F,26F  to  DB25M 
    PCMCIA 15F,20F,26F  to  USB A PLUG
    In which, 20F type is especially designed connector for MP3 E-music download. It’s not among PCMCIA regulation.

 For Audio & Video System

  • Audio & Video Cables 
    PCMCIA 15F  to  RCA Plug X3P + DC 3.5*1.35 Jack

 PCMCIA connector  to  IEEE 1394

This system is not defined finally. As soon as it has been made certain, we will be able to produce this cable immediately.


DB25M  to  DB9F


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