Photo Dr. Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.

No.50-2, Yuhglo Lane, Fuhsing Street, Kunghsi Village, Kueishan Dist., Toyuan City 333, Taiwan, R.O.C, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Photo Dr. Enterprise Co., Ltd. is the Professional Automatic Cold Laminator manufacturer in Taiwan. and we have other products including luster film, fuzzy, small fuzzy film, every kind of film grain, laser film, UV proof film , Special film research, High grade ink jet sample, PP film, PVC self-adherent film, Front/back jet illuminated sign box film, Canvas, luster ,PET transparent film, Every kind of special ink jet material. We guarantee we can offer excellent product to satisfy with you, and also provide full of service for our customer. Are you looking forward to business partners? If yes, please contact with us. We are happy to response all question you ask. Don't hesitate or you will miss it.

Main Products

we provide packaging machines & equipments, laminating machine, laminating machines, cold laminating machine, cold laminating machines, cold laminating equipment, cold laminating materials, multi-functional automatic cold laminators, professional automatic cold laminators, powerful automatic cold laminators, ink jet graph collecting machines, printing materials, luster films, fuzzy films, small fuzzy films, film grains, laser films, UV proof films, high grade ink jet samples, PP films, PVC self-adherent films, front & back jet illuminated sign box films, PET transparent films, ink jet materials.