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  • Model No: DL3060AH
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. M series are three axes manual.
2. H series are longitudinal by hydraulic, and cross feed & vertical axes are manual.
3. AH series are auto. cross feed & hydraulic longitudinal, and vertical axis is manual.
4. AHR series are auto. cross feed & hydraulic longitudinal, and vertical axis is rapid feed.

Specification :

Model SpecificationDL3060AH
Working surface of tablemm300x600(12"x24")
Max. table travelmm340x700(13"x27")
Max. surface groundmm300x600(12"x24")
Max. distance center of spindle to table 500mm(20") [Option-600mm(24")]
Table speed 5~25 m/min (200"~1000" /min)
Table guideway V & Flat way
Auto. Cross feed incrementapprox.0.1mm~20mm (0.004"~0.8")
Rapid power cross feed approx.mm/min1100 mm/min (44" /min) [60Hz]
900 mm/min (36" /min) [50Hz]
Cross feed on hand wheel1 rev
1 gra
5mm (0.2")
0.02mm (0.001")
Rapid power head elevation approx. [Option]60Hz
550 mm/min (13" /min) [60Hz]
450 mm/min (11" /min) [50Hz]
Vertical feed on hand wheel1 rev
1 gra
2 mm (0.05")
0.01 mm (0.0002")
Auto. Down feed [Option] 0.001mm~0.999mm/Time (0.0001"~0.0999" /Time) [Option]
Wheel speed60Hz/
L:1750 R.P.M(60Hz) / 1450 R.P.M(50Hz)
Wheel dimension S:180x13x31.75mm(7"x0.5"x1.25")
Spindle motor 2HP(CS type) / 5HP (CL type)
Hydraulic pump motor 1HP
Auto. Cross feed motor 1/5HP
Rapid head elevation motor 1/5 HP [Option]
Coolant motor 1/8 HP [Option]
Sound pressure level below 78dB (A)
Machine net weightKgs1700(3470 Lbs)
Packing Gross weightKgs1950(4290 Lbs)
Machine Floor spacemm2600x1800 (102"x68")
Packing dimension (LxWxH)cm228x179x210 (90"x71"x83")

Features :


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