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USB LAN Cables With Networking

usb lan cable with networking

  • Model No: ULN-121
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Save money, save space, save time.
2. One of the most wanted accessory of your portable computer. File sharing and duplication are so simple by using an USBLAN Cable, just plug and play. Multiple USBLAN cables can compose your PCs into a simple USBLAN without LAN cards. It`s not just that.
3. The traditional LAN resources (TCP/IP, Netbeui, IPX/SPX) can be shared through this cable too. Almost everything works on one LAN resources can be shared through the simple USBLAN cable to another. 4. Skip the troublesome LAN card installation procedure, welcome to the Plug And Play world.

Specification :

USBLAN Cable with Networking Specifications:

1. Total Cable Length 10ft.(Maximum Length 10M).

2. 2 USB A Type Plug.

3. Bus power, No Adaptor Needed.

4. PWB Size: 16 x 22 m/m.

5. Applications: SOHO small USBLAN, File Transfer and Duplication, Sharing Modem to the Internet, Sharing LAN Resources: File Server, Printer Server, Email Service, Input Devices¡K , Link Notebook to Desktop computer

Features :

1. DSingle Cable Solution Bus Power Host to Host USB Bridge communication.
2. DOEM PID, VID Can Be Programmed.
3. DMaximum Speed is 8.6 Mbps (Lab. Tested) And Hot Plug and Play, Fully Compliant with the
4. @USB 1.1 Specification.
5. DMaximum Connection Nodes is 127 for 7 Tiers, Theoretically.
6. DSupports Windows 95 OSR2/98SE, WIN ME, Win2000, MAC OS8.6 or higher.

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