Ann Yih Precise Industry Co., Ltd.

Specialized in the Production of Electrical Appliance Timer, Synchronous Motor & Solenoid Valve Coil

No. 65, Lane 376, Syh-Der Road, Wu-Fong Dist., Taichung 413, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Ann Yih Precise Industry Co., Ltd. founded in 1988. We are the manufacturer of electrical motors, synchronous motors, timers, plastic injection molds and etc. Our factory was designed according to the specifications of ISO-9001 so that a complete set of quality assurance system can be established and carried out to form the manufacturing base a genuine systematic and modern industrial park up to the international standards and be able to face the challenge of the world-wide market. Welcome to contact us!

Main Products

we provide electrical motors- synchronous motors, timers, dehydration machines timers, high-torque synchronous motors, motor timers, circuit breakers, precise & universal timers, switches, plastic injection molds, mold design.