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Car Mufflers MFG Machinery ( Exhaust System Or Silencer MFG Machinery / European Type)

car muffler mfg machinery

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  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Application: car muffler (exhaust system or silencer).
2. An introduction with each of the machines for muffler production line:
(1) Body lock seaming machine: the steel plate being moved to the top of central bar automatically, and then, it starts bending and Seaming the steel plate.
(2) Muffler (vertical, horizontal) flange forming machine: to process both end of muffler with the flanging and adjusting procedure.
(3) Tube separator inserting machine (vertical, horizontal): to insert the tube separator into the body of muffler.
(4) Double capping machine: based on the NC servo control system and “quick mould change” unit that makes the performance of both ends sealing procedure very excellent.
(5) Single capping machine: the theory of process is about the same as the double capping machine, but the operation must be executed twice for both ends sealing.
(6) Leaking tester: after capping procedure, all the mufflers must be tested for the leakage.
(7) CO2 welding machine: the welding for the exhausting tube and muffler.
(8)Catalytic converter flange welding machine: to weld the flanges between Catalytic Converter and other unit.
(9) Four spot welding machines: the welding for the parts positioned at the end of muffler.

Specification :

1. Characteristic: (1) The excellent design of our machines is compared favorably with the occidental equipments, more steady and efficient performance themselves. (2) All series of our machines are designed with “quick mould change” unit that will save much time during the period of mould switch. (3) The welding current controller adopted by microprocessor is excellent and powerful for improving the performance of welding machine. (4) For enforcing the structure and stabilizing the control system, many superior spare parts are adopted and manipulated to our machines exactly. Meanwhile, the materials “galvanization plate”, “aluminum coated plate” and “stainless steel”, which can be processed and shaped to the different styles as well, such as round, oval, triangle and so on. (5) After being training a little while, operator can manipulate the machines smoothly for sure. (6) Based on the superior R&D department, we can develop many sorts of exclusive equipments for the ODM project with clients. 2. Main customers: (1) Auto industry (Japanese system): NISSAN, TOYOTA, HONDA, MITSUBISHI, OEM partners and joint venture factory. (2) Auto industry (European system): GM, FORD, OEM partners and joint venture factory. (3) Motorcycle industry (Japanese system): HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, OEM partners and joint venture factory. (4) Air conditioning Industry (Japanese system): HITACHI, TOSHIBA, OEM partners and joint venture factory.

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