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Automatic Filling & Packing Machine

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  • Model No: CC-304
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No

Detail Information

Description :

The compact automatic liquid packing machine is guaranteed to be able to cope with heavy workloads and furthermore, it is equipped with lots of features such as:
1. Intelligent control interface
2. Self diagnostic function
3. High accuracy piston type filling system
4. Flexible bag former
5. No need for compressor , and more.

Specification :

1. Packaging Material PE 2. Bag shaper Pillow-seal 3. Filling method Piston type 4 Film width(mm) 160-320 5. Bag length(mm) 100-150 6. Content(cc) 200-400 7. Machine dimensions(mm) 870x900x1700 8. Packing dimension (cm) 970x1000x1800 9. Net weight(Kg) 280 10. CC-304(200-500cc PE Bag) 11. CC-305(400-1000cc PE Bag) 12. CC-308(200-500cc Polycell Bag) 13. CC-309(400-1000cc Polycell Bag)

Features :

The parts where the liquid is flowing are made up of stainless steel that meet the requirements of food hygeine. Equipped with Ultra violet sterilizer to kills the bacterial from the film. Low power consumption and reduction. Production speed up to 35 packs per minute. Easy for the replacement of film. Centralized control panel for operation convenience.

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