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AC Fans

ac fan

  • Model No: JE-040A SERIES
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. JIN YIH SHYANG can be manufactured cross flow fan according customers specification from a diameter of 25mm to 150mm and a length of 50mm to 1150mm.
2. The aluminum made alloy cross fan is temperature resistant and has qualities of light in weight, low in noise, and minimum vibration high strength and long life.
3. The angle and the length of cross fan leaves are easily adjustable to adapt to any customers existing requirement.
4. The motor bearing of the ventilator is protected by a layer of grease, which would allow 15,000 hours of usage without regressing.
5. JIN YIH SHYANG cross flow fan is designed small in size with high efficiency.
6. The ventilator is especially suitable to incorporate with products that are light, thin and small.

Specification :

1. Impeller: aluminum alloy. 2. Bearing: ball bearing or sleeve bearing. 3. Motor: ac capacity, ac shaded pole dc brushless or dc brush type. 4. Insulation class: E, F. 5. Insulation housing voltage: ac 1500v(50/60hz) one min nute. 6. Insulation resistance: above 100mωdc500v. 7. Operating temperatue: 0℃~45℃. 8. Life: ball bearing: 30000 hours(at 40℃), sleeve bearing: 10000 hours(at 40℃). 9. Safety approval: UL, CUL CE TUV.

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