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High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors ( Metal Oxide Varistors )

high voltage ceramic capacitors

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  • Factory Location: Taiwan
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  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Application for:
1. Transistor, diode, IC, thyristor and triac semiconductor.
2. Surge protection in consumer electronics.
3. Surge protection in industrial electronics.
4. Surge protection in communication, measuring and controller electronics.
5. Surge protection in electronic home appliances, gas and petroleum appliances.
6. Electrostatic discharges and noise spike suppression.
7. Relay and electromagnetic valve surge absorption.

Specification :

1. Operating temperature range: -25℃ to 85℃. 2. Capacitance: within the specified tolerance at 25℃, 1MHz, 0.1 to 3V rms. 3. Capacitance tolerance: (1) ±0.25pF(C) or ±0.5pF(D) for Cap. ≦ 5pF. (2) ±0.5pF(D) or ±1pF(F) for Cap. > 5pF or ≦ 10pF. (3) ±5%(J) or ±10%(K) for Cap. > 10p. 4. Voltage proof (flash test): no break down at 2.5 times Rated working voltage for 1 sec.

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