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Multi-Purposes Cultivators ( Agriculture Machinery)

multi purposes cultivator

  • Model No: TS-700K
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No

Detail Information

Description :

1. In walk part wheel axle speeds separated forward 4 sections and reverse 2 sections, various speeds to choose and right left to
turn in the clutch system, more easy to operated.
2. In rotary part rotate axle speeds have 4 sections. Tillage blade operating wide and narrow various changes from 24cm to 60cm,
the machine suitable for pulverizing weeding furrowing banking.

Specification :

1. Dimension(mm): 1650x700x980(LxWxH).

2. Wheel axle speed(rpm): 1st./Fwd.:25, 2nd./Fwd.:25, 3rd./ Fwd.:34, 4th./Fwd.:88, R1/Rev.:28, R2/Rev.:40.

3. Rotary axle speed(rpm):

4 Speed/ (1)349 (2)258 (3)661 (4)488.

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