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Automatic Power Factor Regulation Panels (Banks)

automatic power factor regulation panel

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Detail Information

Description :

1. The product adopts YUHCHANG brand power factor controller, which can precisely control reactive power in power system to save energy.
2. Dry type capacitors are made by metallized polypropylene with self-healing, and each one has built-in protect device approved by UL(E112211), which can cut off power when circuits or capacitors act abnormal to avoid relative disaster.
3. To prevent high order harmonic currents to distort system voltage and current, capacitors equip with series reactors for decreasing harmonic influence.
4. All circuits have independent fuses, and automatic power factor regulator controls the magnetic contractor safely.
5. The target value of the power factor is adjustable. The operation is controlled by load current (C. T.) according to the power factor which is determined by the demand to control on/off the capacitors.
6. The panel is made of rusty proof steel materials. All the inner accessories and parts are under the condition of insulation, air circulation, dust proof, and humidity proof for better use and maintenance.

Specification :

1. Rated voltage: 220 ~ 480V, 50 / 60 Hz 3.
2. Series reactor: dry type reactor 6%.
3. Tolerance: -15% ~ +15%.
4. Capacitor dissipation factor: below 3W / KVAR.
5. Place of installation: indoor USE.
6. Ambient temperature: -25℃~+45℃.
7. Standards: CNS 1179, 3990, JIS C4901.

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