Deng Yuan Industrial Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of R.O. (reverse osmosis) system, such as water purifier, hot & cold dispenser, water filter, pre-filter equipment, water treatment equipment, rearmost equipment, active carbon filters, water softeners, related parts and special order also available.

Main Products

electrical appliances, RO ( reverse osmosis) water system- RO water purifiers, hot & cold water dispensers, water system filtration, RO pumps, UV sterilization units, pressure water tanks, RO membranes, RO stainless housings. (2) carbon filters, acid & alkali filters, bio ceramic filters, resin filters, active carbon filters. (3) water purifier parts- low pressure switches, automatic flush valves, solenoid valves, water quality electrolyzers, pressure meters, drain valves, self piercing saddle valves, automatic shut-off valves, big clamps, connectors, elbows, automatic control heads, flow-limit valves,. (4) faucet adapters ( adaptors)- faucet brackets, faucet brackets, housing, wrenches, outer pitches, flow meter panel mounting. (5) pre-filter equipments, commercial RO system, rearmost treatment equipments, industrial reverse osmosis system, water softeners.