Woodworking & Furniture Digest

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Company Introduction

Magazine and Directory of woodworking machines, serves the wood-based panels, solid wood, wood component and furniture manufacturing industries Established since 1980. The company reports on the woodworking industry’s manufacturing and distribution, latest technologies as well as in-depth articles on global woodworking machinery and furniture exhibitions. Its footprints, have reached the United States, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, etc. Sincerely welcome woodworking related companies from all over the globe to submit articles on technology along with other academic articles. If your company obtained an international patent, developed a new product or found a breakthrough in technology, please let the magazine company and the world know. Through your efforts, you can help your company’s or country’s image by simply informing WFD.

Main Products

woodworking & furniture digest, WFD, TWMA directory, interwood multi media directory, woodworking machinery magazine & directory, machine tools ( machinetools)- (1) sawmill equipments- band sawing machines, hand & automatic feed carriages, cross cut circular saws, saw blazing clamps, band saw blade stretchers, straight saw sharpeners. (2) veneer & plywood- veneer reeling & unreeling systems, veneer clippers, hot presses, pneumatic clamp carriers, sanders, lumber core composers, cold presses, membrane presses. (3) dust collecting incinerators- wood drying equipments, dehumidification wood dryers, central system & travelling dust collectors, sanding dust collecting equipments, scrap crushers, air blowers, crushing machines. (4) sawing machinery- band scroll saws, circular saw benches, rip saws, trimming saws & machines, gang rip & traveling cut off saws, double end saws, jig & table saws, band saw roll stretchers. (5) planing & moulding machinery- hand feed & surface planers, spindle moulders, dowel milling machines, round rod molders, chamfering machines. (6) milling machines- spindle shapers, automatic copy shapers, routers, tenonning machines, finger jointers, dovetailing machinery, embossing equipments, oval mortisers, oval tenoners. (7) wood borers- dowel & horizontal wood borers. (8) wood turning machines- lathes, copying lathes, dowel making machinery. (9) sanding & polishing machines- wide & edge belt sanders, sponge & profile sanders. (10) bonding machines- glue spreaders, hot press lumber composers, air composers, hydraulic & vacuum forming machinery. (11) finishing & coating machinery, bamboo & rattan working machinery, multi purpose woodworking machines & parts, worm gear reducers, inspectors & measurers.