Wason Technology Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Industry Dispensers.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of resin dispensers from single fluid to double fluid to meet difference requirement of difference fields and production levels. The business operation expands to China, North America, Europe, Japan, South East Asia and middle East.

Main Products

(1) resin dispenser(dispensing machine)- resin dispensing machine, resin dispensing machines, pu foaming machine, pu foaming machines, epoxy potting machine, epoxy potting machines, resin dispenser, resin dispensers, epoxy dispenser, dispensers, pu dispenser, pu dispensers, single fluid (one component) dispensers, automatic dispensers, two component dispensers ( mixers), Poly Urethane ( PU) foaming machine, Epoxy potting machine, adhesive & sealant dispenser, automotive 3-axis robot and dispensers, vacuum encapsulating machine, glue and liquid dispensers, polyurethane foam, rigid foam, elastomer, gel, silicone, acrylic. (2) dispenser accessory ( accessories)- needle heads, disposable mixers ( nozzle).