Tachikawa Interna Tional Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction

Tachikawa Interna Tional Co., Ltd.- towards the development of wafer heaves the improvement of 3C industries, the manufacturers are all pursuing the goal to achieve the size minimizing, functions complicating, qualities accuracy, performance stabilization, and the precise and the accurate machine tools become the only base of the trend. During a continuing research and hard working, our company gradually developed a series of peripheral equipment related to the PCB industries: drill grinding, ring set M/C and other estimated tools and testing equipment. Therefore, our company could provide a whole set of producing equipment and testing systems for the industrial usage and besides a detailed factory output experience, we also have sophisticated producing experience could be provided as a practical technical transference. The most important is that a fine service after selling such as material compensation, regular repairing and technical update can support the factories entirely.

Main Products

(1) industrial drilling machine & precision machine tools- super accurate PCB drills, drill sharpeners, cutting bits & tools, doweling jigs, pcb drilling grinding machine equipments, pcb assembly, pcb drilling machine, drilling machinery & equipments, pcb drilling grinding machines(2) stereo inspection microscopes series, digital microscope, zoom stereo inspecting microscope system.