Sun Ming Mechanical Co., Ltd.

Spinning Machine Equment Design and Improvement.

No. 5, Lane 66, Fu Tong Street, Changhua 50076, TAIWAN, R.O.C, Taiwan

Company Introduction

SUN MIEN Mechanical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1969 with current capital 62 million, in the area with 6,509 spuare meters.

At the beginning, SUN MIEN specialized in the manufacture of the relevant components for spinning equipments.

Upon this moment, SUN MIEN has achieved about 150 sets of contrivances (or redevelopment) for the domestic and overseas automation spinning blow room engineering; manufactured nearly 1 million spindles for the fine spinning frames; made different design and manufactured for more than 1.68 million spindles for the stationary auto doffers.

Based on highly qualified with design ability of spinning equipments and experiences. SUN MIEN is confident of saving manpower for the spinneries with the mechanical and electrical conformity and manufacture of the stationary automation.

Main Products

spin equipment- high speed ring spin frame with automatic doffer, blow room equipment, automatic bale opening machine B.T, circular auto bale opener B.C, by-pass unit P.B, two-way-distributer unit P.T, magnet trap P.M, condenser K.D, automation equipment, manufacturing automation, automation system, machine automation, automated manufacturing equipment, automated production system.