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Roller Type Fully Automatic Wet Paper Towel Making Machine

paper towel making machine

  • Model No: RF-650
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. The wet towel are untouched by human from start to finish, which prevents the spread of germs and contagious diseases by humen contact.
2. Guaranteeing you of a safe and soft.
3. Use in restaurant, hotel, hospital, tourist bus and train.

Specification :

1. Puoduct dimension (mm): 180(W)x270(L) or 180(W)x200(L)mm. 2. Folded dimension (mm): 30(W)x135(L) or 38(W)x110(L)mm. 3. Packaged dimension (mm): 38(W)x190(L) or 38(W)x110(L)mm. 4. Production rate: 100-250bags / min. 5. Power:5kw, 220V, single phase: 50 / 60Hz. 6. Main drive motor: 2HPlnveter speed control. 7. Wet towel material: sir laid: 50-100GM / m² / non woven. 8. Air laid paper size: W200-350mm, dia1.2m. 9. Intitial paper width: 180mm-240mm. 10. Initial paper diameter: 1200mm max.

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