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Table Type Vertical Automatic Packaging Machines

table type vertical automatic packaging machine

  • Model No: TOP-M10
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Description:
"ELE" table type veraical packaging machine pack a wide product as food or non-food mini type, small space, high capacity.
2. Main Application :
(1) cake, candy, sugar, salt, sauce, nuts, coffee, pepeer.
(2) electroin parts, hardwares.
(3) industrical parts, terminal, plastics or copper joint, small switch etc.

Specification :

Specifications: TOP-M10 1. Bags size: W:30~100m/m, L:50~170m/m. 2. Speed: 25~40 bags/min. 3. Film width: 80~220 m. 4. Machine dimension: 700(W)x430(D)x700(H) m/m. 5. Power: 1Ø,110V/60Hz,700W.

Features :

1. PLC control,Easy to use ,operate,maintain.
2. Mini type save space connectthe check weight directly without extra charge for feeding device.
3. Air-compressor transmission for easy to adjust and maintance.
4. Pack width food,high capacity.
5. Easy to adjust bag length.
6. Bag counter.
7. Connect a all kinds of check weight machine
8. Option:date code,gas flush device

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