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Vacuum Mixing & Massage Machines

vacuum mixing and massage machine

  • Model No: VM2-150L / 300L / 500L
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

(1) Description:
1. Has two functions in mixing and massage;wide range of application possibilites
2. Mix well to increase elasticity of products, good taste
(2) Application: sausage, ham, filling, sliced meat, dry meat, vegetarian diet, seasoning food.

Specification :

VM2-150L 1. Capacity: 150L. 2. Machine dimension: 900(W)x900(L)x1600(H)mm. 3. Power:3ø, 220V, 2HP. 4. Weight: 250kg. VM2-300L 1. Capacity: 300L. 2. Machine dimension: 880(W)x1300(L)x1580(H)mm. 3. Power:3ø, 220V, 4HP. 4. Weight: 380kg. VM2-500L 1. Capacity: 500L. 2. Machine dimension: 1400(W)x1600(L)x2000(H)mm. 3. Power:3ø, 220V, 8.5HP. 4. Weight: 500kg.

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