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Torsion Spring


  • Model No: TOR-001
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Double torsion springs are designed to resist twist or rotationally applied force, they have a body of coils with “legs” that are commonly attached to other components that exert torque when rotated around the spring. Double torsion springs can store and release energy or they can statically hold a mechanism in position by deflecting the legs from the body’s axis.

A torsion spring applies an opposing force to push adjoining components back to their original position. Various “leg” configurations are available from straight to hook ends and Torsion spring ends can be bent, looped, twisted or hooked to specification. We can produce long life Double torsion springs for use in a wide variety of applications including electronics, door handles and even clipboards.

Specification :

We provide single torsion springs and double torsion springs. For special types of torsion springs include a double torsion spring having a space between the coils to minimize friction. Double torsion springs consist of one right-hand and one left-hand coil section connected together, and working in parallel. The sections are designed separately with the total torque exerted being the sum of the two, thus called a double torsion springs.


  • Double torsion springs whose ends are rotated in angular deflection, offer resistance to externally applied torque.
  • The wire itself is subjected to bending stresses rather than torsion stresses, as might be expected from the name.
  • Double torsion springs of this type are usually close wound, reduced in coil diameter, and increase in body length as they are deflected. The designer must consider the effects of friction and arm deflection on the torque.

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