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Reinforced Hose Machine Lines

reinforced hose machine lines

  • Model No: KK-70ST
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Screw: screw is made of special steel alloy, and it can be designed for different raw materials.
2. Barrel: barrel is made of special steel alloy, and is equipped with aluminum thermal foil with air cooling system.
3. Gearbox: gears are made of steel alloy with heat treatment and are finished with surface precision grinding. By using oil injection cooling system, it reduces noise when operating under high RPM and enhances the life span of gears.
4. Control system is using SSR contactless switch, and PID system for temperature control.
5. Dies are fabricated by using steel alloy, SUJ2 and mirror steel, and are fabricated with high resistance for acid and abrasion.
6. Plastic Extrusion Machine.

Specification :

1. Screw DIA: 70mm.

2. L/D ratio: 26:1.

3. Screw material: alloyed steel SACM-1.

4. Barrel material: alloyed steel SACM-1.

5. Heating type: by electric heater.

6. Cooling type: air-cooling.

7. Heating zone: 6 zones.

8. Heater capacity: 15kw.

9. Control panel: independent.

10. Gear material: SNCM-21.

11. Extruder type: single-screw.

12. Screw rpm: 10-25 RPM.

13. Gearbox lubricant: 20#.

14. Gearbox cooling type: lubricant oil circulation.

15. Main driving motor: AC 25HP.

16. Center height: 1060mm.

17. Output: 50-80 kg/hr.

18. Power consumption: 30 KW.

19. Machine dimension: 2.8m x 1m x 1.5m.

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