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Digital Torque Adjustable Wrenches

digital torque adjustable wrenches

  • Model No: 125-135
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Main Features:
1.Simple function for"Torque Setting","Unit Setting"?"Mode Setting".
2.One button press for torque & Unit Setting.
3.While using and the LCD is not visible,the red and green LEDs would side perceptible to provide notice for reaching the torque value.

1.The accurcay of the readout is guaranteed from 20% to 100% of maximum range +/- 1 increment. The torque accuracy is a typical value. Calibration point is at the middle line of the five anti-grip lines on the rubber handle. For keeping the accurcay,calibrate the wrench for a constant period time (1 year). And the accuracy is based on the zero degree of offset from perpendicular drive.
2.Use a special designed cable (accessory)to upload record data to PC.
3.Use two AAA batteries(Test condition:Toshiba carbon-zinc R6UG battery)
4.Horizontal and vertical test
5.One cycle means swing the torque wrench from 0 N-m to maximum range and back to 0 N-m.
6.Environmental test:
(a)Dry heat (b)Cold (c)Damp heat (d)Vibration (e)Drop (f)Change of temperature (g)Impact(shock)
7.Electromagnetic compatibility test:
(a)Electrosatic discharge immunity(ESD) (b)Radiated susceptibiliry (c)Radiated emission

Specification :

Model:125-135 open end size(mm):31 hand type:adjustable spanner alarm setting range:6.8~135N-m guarantee accuracy:27~135N-m accracy:cw:+-3% bright LED:12LEDS data memory: no

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