Net Source Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Net Source Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an excellent mold manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan, specialized in mold parts, computer components, automobile parts, etc. We are in business to provide superior products service from Taiwan and China. By becoming a trustworthy, fast responsive and innovative team member of our worldwide customers, we create value and reduce costs. Co-existing with our customers is the goal of our group of companies. Our lines of products involve mould making, home appliance, networking products, computer parts, and auto parts. Reciprocally our producers have provided cost reduction, design betterment, supply sources diversification, and technological innovations to jointly create a superior service and coexisting environment. We are targeting greater market focus, more affordable prices, and lower costs. Please do not be hesitant to connecting with us.

Main Products

(1) home appliances- meat grinder, juicer, vacuum cleaner, air filters, rechargeable lanterns, hair dryers, air pots, electric thermo pots, thermo kettle, steam iron, steam cleaners, TVs ( television), VCD players, RO ( reverse osmosis) water purifiers, (2) audio & video products- professional karaok ( KTVs), MP3/ CD/ VCD players. (3) kitchenware- spoons, forks, knife ( knives), dishes. (4) computer parts & components- CD-R, mini CD, name card CD, CD duplicators, VGA card, USB flash memory, VOIP. (5) networking ( network) products- NIC PCI bus, dual speed hubs, switching hubs, print servers, USB hubs, cables, connectors. (6) plastic injection mold makings- plastics molds, rubber moulds, die-cast ( die cast) moldings, press mouldings, mold for plastic, plastic mold ( molding, mould, moulding) makers, mold designs, injection molder, die casting molds, injection molding process. (7) auto ( vehicle, automotive) parts- power windows, body parts, starters, compressors, auto lights. (8) security & safety products- reflective vests, safety glasses, emergency lights ( lightings).